13 Ways to Dominate Your Real Estate Market

GROWTHWhat does it take to become a millionaire real estate agent? How do you sustain that status regardless of market conditions? Here, 13 KW MAPS Coaches offer 13 things you should do now to dominate your market.

Dianna-Kokoszka-KWBlog-Tipsfor2013Dianna Kokoszka, CEO, KW MAPS Coaching and KWU

“Whether you are an agent or team leader, this is the year to focus on growth. Your business grows to the extent you grow. Challenge yourself to exceed your biggest goals ever and work with a coach or other accountability partner to follow through and succeed.”

TonyDicello-KWBlog-Tipsfor2013Tony DiCello, Executive Director of KW MAPS Coaching

“Lead generate and follow up at least three hours per day for at least 200 days during the year. Put it in your time blocking schedule and have your coach or someone hold you accountable to doing this ONE Thing.”

Ron-Patulski-KWBlog-Tipsfor2013Ron Patulski, Vice President of KW MAPS

“Today’s markets reward skill and mandate a focus on our personal development and growth to seize the opportunities around us. The great news is, deep inside, we all have the capacity in our own unique way to do just that! Pray and/or meditate, appreciate, love to feed your soul and consciously strive to be of service to others. Schedule time for consistent physical activity. Expose your mind daily to books, recordings, people and environments that support and expand your skills and mind.”

ShonKokoszka-KWBlog-Tipsfor2013Shon Kokoszka, President, KW MAPS Coaching

“The best thing you can do for you and your business this year is to master the 1-3-5 process. Identify the dominoes in your life, which will help you determine your purpose and priority. Knock down the first domino and create a powerful growth progression.”

CChrisMcNamera-KWBlog2013hris McNamara

“Use social media as a relationship engine, not a lead generation machine. There’s too much “speed dating” with online leads in real estate. Instead, put together a plan to “woo” them, and they’ll “woo hoo!” you with referrals. Agents who incorporate gamification, contests and campaigns are seeing an increase in participation from clients. People like to keep score.”

JoeBogar-KWBlog-Tipsfor2013Joe Bogar

“Stick to a morning schedule. It is easy to have a victim mindset about it. Ever find yourself saying, “I don’t have time.” “I can’t fit it in my schedule.” “I’m overwhelmed,” etc. … Success doesn’t happen to those who are a slave to their schedule. Success pops up when you become purposeful. It happens when you ask, “What do I want to accomplish this week to achieve my goals? What do I need to do each day? Does my schedule reflect my goals?” When you get that right, you will be able to achieve anything.”


Bill Pipes

“Create and review your goals on a daily basis to maintain a high level of motivation and passion. Control your internal dialogue through affirmations, and increase the support and exposure that you have in your life and business with accountability partners and a strong, relentless mastermind group of like-minded individuals.”

Kate-Patulski-KWBlog-Tipsfor2013Kate Patulski

“Gary Keller says, “We have to think in a way that will allow us to achieve our goals.” The number ONE thing you can do to dramatically shift your results is to extinguish the programming that limits your performance. Complete a thinking strengths assessment (we offer one through KW MAPS Coaching). Participate in BOLD as many times as possible and work with a performance coach for a short period of time either in a group or individual setting.”

Cherie-Lowry-KWBlog-2013Cheiri Lowry

“It may sound trite, but real estate agents need to get a coach! A coach will make you think and challenge your limiting beliefs so that you can put your greatest strengths to work. A coach will help you celebrate successes and leverage them to get you to the next level.”

Mike-Fleming-KWBlogs-Tipsfor2013Michael Fleming

“We have a seller’s market hitting an extraordinary number of places around the country. While agents need to take advantage of this moment and capture as much business as possible – they need to be sure they’re taking listings that will lead to results. The truth is, an agent may easily get the listings, but what’s more important is getting the sale. So what does that mean? It means every agent needs to ask the right questions to find the client’s compelling selling reason.”

JackieKravitz-KWBlog-Tipsfor2013Jackie Kravitz

“Agents need to focus on for sale by owners. They have one goal in mind: save money on commission. But if their home isn’t selling, it’s because of a lack of exposure, a barrage of bargain hunters, unqualified buyers, legal liability or less-than spectacular negotiating skills. Do these problems cost them money? Can you solve these problems for them? Yes, absolutely! And by solving their problems, you will more than make up for the commission that you charge.”

Monica-Reynolds-KWBlog-Tipsfor2013Monica Reynolds

“Review your schedule the night before. Go to bed, get up and go to work at the same time every day. Read your schedule, business plans and goals to energize and motivate yourself. Have an accountability partner and check in with them before you start lead generating. Create an environment that supports your schedule and remove any distractions. Schedule a lunch and refresh your human battery for a productive afternoon of appointments or contracts.”

PJ-Stratford-KWBlog-Tipsfor2013P.J. Stratford

“Get crystal clear about the lead generation method that gets you the biggest results. Now zone in on them like an eagle. Make a firm commitment to yourself to push through any limiting belief that is stopping you dead in your tracks. Be unstoppable. Be a ninja. Let NOTHING deter you from the success you seek.”

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